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iOS – Integration of Instagram in swift


Please find the steps for integrating the Instagram in your app.

Create an account for Instagram :

Try logging through an Instagram account

And then select the Manage Clients option so that you can edit the information:



CLIENT STATUS: Sandbox mode and REVIEW STATUS : Pending

CLIENT STATUS: Live mode and REVIEW STATUS : Reviewed









Click on the MANAGE button to edit the information.





















Valid redirect URIs: The URL helps in redirecting it to Instagram from app but mention it in your swift code as well same as written over here.


















Invite user in Sandbox mode :











For App Live :

Upload the video through drive public link and then share the video with Instagram developer’s for approval.

And after approval from Instagram Developer, the status will change from Sandbox to Live.

The app may not be live so early because it takes 2-3 weeks to get an approval from Instagram.









Swift Code for integration of Instagram as given below :

Hope it will help in Integration of Instagram social login in app.

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