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Integrating EPSON POS (Model TM-*** ) Printer with your android application

In this blog we will learn how to integrate EPSON POS Printer (Model starting with TM )with your android application.

Integrating this is not at all difficult, if you follow the steps correctly.

First, download the Epson sdk for android. (You can download the sdk from here).
Now from this package, extract the ePOS2.jar file and paste it in your libs folder.

Add this line in your build.gradle file.

Now all you have to do is make an object of the Printer and set the content that you want to print.
Lets have a look on how to do that.



Please note that in printMyData(), you need to replace the first input with the target i.e you need to set the path of the connection or more specifically the port address of your printer.

That’s all
You can connect the printer and test it yourself.


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  • Gabriel Savio
    • anchit
      Hello Gabriel,

      Basically it is the target port of the connected printer.

      Before you request to print data you need to save the connected printer information with you and then from that information the value of the target filed needs to be passed in this function.

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