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Integrate application with LinkedIn Account signIn in IOS.


LinkedIn Integration

Sometimes we require to Integrate Application  with LinkedIn Account so that user can easily login into the application .  for doing that we require linkedIn application installed into your iPhone.

Here some following steps to follow.

1: Download LinkedIn  SDK .

2: Register your account in LinkedIn  developer site and fill in mobile part.

a: fill your application bundle id and click on add after that update.

you can also follow that steps: (go to the middle of that page.)

3: Configure your application’s info.plist

4: for iOS 9 Compatibility

Add the following configuration to your application’s Info.plist file:

5: App Transport Security  (Update ininfo.plist)

6: Import the SDK

Open the Mobile SDK for iOS archive and drag LinkedIn-SDK.framework into the Xcode Project Navigator pane of your project.

7: Handle responses from the LinkedIn mobile app

Add the following method to your AppDelegate.m source code to enable the LinkedIn App to give control back your application in situations in situations where you are brought outside of the context of your application (e.g. deep linking)

8: Now here is sample of code for creating uibotton and their events

there click events :

it will launch the linkedIn application in your phone and take some data;

There is one function ([self fetchLinkdinData];)   that will fetch data from application.


9: Now you can Do anything from that data.



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  • Nisha Parmanandani
    Hello, I have tried your code for linkedin login, it works for login. But when I try to share after login, the session is nil everytime. LISDKSession *session = [[LISDKSessionManager sharedInstance] session];

    This line gives me session is invalid. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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