Integrate application with Google Account signIn in IOS.


Google SignIn

1: There are two ways to Integrate the Application with google sign in.  (Using cocoa pod and manual);

2: Here I am mentioning manual way.

3: Download the Google SDK from  that site. (

4: Extract the SDK archive you downloaded and copy the following files to your Xcode project:

    • GoogleSignIn.framework
    • GoogleSignIn.bundle
  1. Add GoogleSignIn.bundle to your Xcode project’s Copy Bundle Resources build phase.

5: Link the dependent framework in Xcode.

6: set other linker flags in build setting

7: Get the Configuration file by clicking that URL : (

8: Enter App name and bundle Id  so it will create .plist file so you have to drag into your xcode as root.

9: add the following Data :

Also, you will need to set the client ID directly using the value found in the GoogleService-Info.plist file:

10 : Do some changes in App delegate file  :


here kClientId is client id of generated configuration .plist file.

11: Now to draw the google sign in button so here  I am taking a view controller  to display all that things.

a: viewcontroller.m class



12: Now, at last, you have to change your own project info.plist file.

In the Project > Target > Info > URL Types panel, create a new item and paste yours REVERSED_CLIENT_ID into the URL Schemes field. You can find yours REVERSED_CLIENT_ID in the GoogleService-Info.plist file.

13: Now Run.

14: You can also download sample apps go to .




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