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Install IPA in your device without iTunes Software


IPA installation

Some times we need to install the IPA file in iOS device , for that we need to have iTunes software but we can install in your iOS device without itunes  software for this we need to follow some steps:

1: open this site:

2: see this attachment:

3:  after selection the IPA it will upload the IPA and after 100% then click on send.

4: click on “send” after that it will show like that



1:  here the barcode show :- just open your registered UDID iPhone camera with this IPA  , in front of this Barcode then it will show a pop up on top of camera so just click on that and then install the application.

2: another is URL: here you have to do same things but now you have to open safari browser and type this URL , and load after that you can see the install link then click on install.

you can take extra guide from this:

How to download Application from Diawi Link?







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  • Margot
    Buut,will this work if the IPA doesn’t havea provisioning profile
    • kunal prasad
      No, you have to add the proper provisional certificate.
  • TiffanyGil
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