IndexedStack Widget In Flutter

Updated 27 April 2023


In this blog, I will Explore IndexedStack Widget In Flutter. I will implement an indexedstack widget with a simple demo program.

An IndexedStack is a widget that have multiple widgets but show a single widget at a time by its index. The valid values for the index range from 0 to size – 1. The index value could not be null, because a index value always between o to (the size of component wiggles -1 )that passes to IndexedStack widget children. 

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The constructor of IndexedStack can be seen below. 


We create a new flutter project and implement the below code into it.

In the body, we will add a column widget. In the Column widget, we will create two widgets that are _indexedStackContainer() and _navigationButtons(). We will define the below code.


In this widget, we will return an Expanded widget to take the available maximum screen size. we will add IndexedStack() widget inside it. In this widget, we will add an index that means the index of the child to show. We add three containers to the children. 

Note: The stack is always as big as the largest child.

After implementing the above code, we will run the code and see the result as below.

In the initial, we are on page 1 and the index value is 0.

When we pressed on page 2, the index value becomes 1.

When we pressed on page 3 button, the index value becomes 2.


In this blog, we have discussed and implemented the IndexedStack widget in Flutter. This was a small introduction about the IndexedStack widgets. I hope this blog will help you to understand this widgets.

Thanks for reading this blog.

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