Incorporate Plus Codes in eCommerce

Updated 16 January 2024

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Before we deep dive into how Plus Codes can change the workflow of eCommerce by easing the customer, delivery personnel and store owner work, you need to know why Plus Codes were developed?

Google Maps recently introduced a solution which we now refer to as Plus Codes originally known as Open Location Code (OLC) developed in the year 2014.

It was created as Google saw the need for a universal Digital address-based system that can help people living in rural areas with no or proper addresses have access to delivery-based services using the Plus Codes. 

Moreover, Plus Codes are available to be used for free using Google maps on both Android and iOS devices.

What are Plus Codes?

Instead of using the ordinary style of address Plus Codes serve as a substitute for street addresses for people or places without one.

Plus Codes are based on latitude and longitude and displayed as alpha-numeric numbers unlike the current style of representing location or addresses with street names and house numbers.

People can use a Plus Code to receive shipments, access essential and social services, or just assist someone else in locating them.