Implementing Android Rest Client using the Magento REST api with Scribe Library



Thanks to Pablo Fernandez for creating Scribe library for us.

First we have to generate the REST roles and consumers in the Magento dashboard, the roles are going to map the resources inside Magento that this role need access to and the consumer is going to represent the keys to be used inside our custom app that use the Scribe framework.

In order to add consumers to Magento from the REST api we create an OAuth REST Consumer where it will store the keys to be used by our app. We create them using the Magento dashboard and selecting System > Web Services > REST – OAuth Consumers like in the next image.





Let us first add dependency in the project:

Android Rest API client will implemented as:



Congratulation now you can get data from the Magento Framework using Rest API in your Android Application…..




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  • sujith

    This is Sujith, I have tried with the code, but after getting the auth_token=””, its asking for the login page url to enter the credentials in the android, so how we can send the login “Username” and “Password to the magento platform from android”,

    (After login we can authorise and get the verifier code and access token to android).

  • Vlad
    Hell, what verifierCode variable represents?
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