Implementation of GraphQL api on flutter


In this blog we are going to discuss the Implementation of GraphQL api on flutter.

GraphQL is the new way of accessing the data from the network. Just like the rest API GraphQL is also used for getting the data from the server from our mobile application on json form.

The response of the API will only generate the data which is requested on the request/query of the GraphQL operation.

So we can make call for data from any of the point throughout our application when ever we require larger or small amount of data.

We use to pass the response key with the request key as well on the requested query/mutation for response.


Initial setup:

Add the qraphql package inside your pubspec.yaml file like below:

Create API Client:

Create your API client for connecting with the graphQl server like below:

We have created the API client inside GraphQlApiCalling class the like below:



For getting add accessing data from the graphQl server we use query as operation which will look like a string implemented below:



Mutation is similar to query the only difference is we have added the argument mutation function on the builder function.


MutationsData class contains the mutations and query string mentioned above


Option property pass the configuration of query or mutation on query widget.



For more information regarding the Implementation of GraphQL api on flutter follow link.

In this blog, we have learned Implementation of GraphQL api on flutter and its uses.

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