Image Resizing In Swift

Updated 28 February 2022


Hello guys, Today we learn about Image Resizing In Swift.

In this blog, we see how to resize the image when we upload the image from the Gallery or Camera by using an image picker.

Getting Started:- Let’s take an example, for this, I am creating a design in my storyboard.

Step1:- Firstly, create a new Xcode project

File–> New–> Project –> Ios –> next And Add your project name then create.

Step2:- Secondly, create a UI Screen on the storyboard. here I am taking image View and two text fields, one for image width and the second one for image height, and the upload image button for uploading the image from the gallery.

Then, create an outlet in the view control class

Step3:- Now, Add the code for the functionality.

Here we are using an image picker controller to upload the image, To know about the working of Image picker functionality Please click here.

Now, run the code and see the output


In this blog, we discussed Image Resizing In Swift.

I hope this blog will help you to understand the working of Image Resizing.

Thanks for reading!!!

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