@IBDesignable And @IBInspectable in Swift


Hello guys, Today we learn about @IBDesignable And @ IBInspectable in Swift.

What is @IBDesignable And @ IBInspectable in Swift:-

@IBDesignable:- When we want to change our custom outlet design from the StoaryBoard or .xib files at a time we will use @IBDesignable functionality. for this, we need to create a class and mark that class name with the @IBDesignable attribute.

@IBInspectable:- When we want to make some part of the custom view subclass configurable inside the @IBInspectable builder it allows us to create an attribute that is assigned in storyboard or .xib

Getting Start:- Let’s take an example, I am taking a view and TextView and want to change their design like I want to give some shadow, the border with, and borderColor to the view outlet and set some padding in my textView

step1:- Firstly, create a new Xcode project.

File-> New-> Project-> Choose Ios-> choose App-> next and Add your project name then create.

Step2:- Then, take a View or textView

  1. Firstly, drag and drop the View in Storyboard.
  2. Secondly, drag and drop TextView in Stoaryboard.

Step 3:- Then, create a new swift class

File–> New–> File–> Select Cocoa Touch class –> and create a class

Step4:- Now, write the code

This code is for UIView outlets like- View.

This code indicates for textView – it is used for padding purposes.

Here we are using the did Set or get Set method so here is what is did Set and get Set method in swift?

GetSet:- To write a value we use the set method and to read a value we use the get method. The common use would be data handling with persistent storage.

DidSet:- didSet is called right after the data is stored and it has a default constant that shows the previous value that is overwritten.

Output:- Now, run your project and see the result.


In this blog, we discussed @IBdesignable And @ IBInspectable in Swift

I hope this blog will help you to understand the working of @IBdesignable And @ IBInspectable in Swift

Thanks for reading!!!

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