How we can use bubble in Android Studio

Updated 13 May 2021


In this article, we will read How we can use bubble in Android Studio. When the device is locked or the always-on-display is active, bubbles appear just as a notification normally would.

Bubbles are created by the Notification API, so you send your notification as normal. If you want your notification to display as a bubble, you need to attach some extra data to it.

when you send a notification by bubble then you need to create a Notification channel.

The bubble can be disabled by the user in that case bubble will show just like the notification.

In MainActivity we use NotificationManager to send notifications to Bublle. We send data by intent. Then notify to bubble.


Main Activity


In activity_main we take a button and on click this button we show a bubble.



In BubbleActivity you can see we replace show a snackbar.we get data and show just like notification.


You can see in screenshot there is a button create bubble and when we click on that button then it will show a bubble.


So here we discussed How we can use bubble in Android Studio.  Thanks for reading this blog and You can get other blogs from here

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