How to Show Hint View In Swift

Updated 28 October 2022


Hello guys, Today we learn about How to Show Hint View In Swift.

Sometimes, we need to add a hint view for user preference where the user can get the exact meaning of your point. for example, if I am using a text field like password and I want to give any instruction regarding the password field for the user then I can use hint view. The hint view is like a pop-up view.

Getting Started:-

Step1:- Firstly, Create an XCode project.

File–> New–> Project–> iOS–> Next And add your project name then create.

Step 2:- Secondly, Create a UI design for the view in the stoaryboard.

Step 4:- For hint view, we need to install cocoa pods into our project

How to install the pod file-

  1. open terminal
  2. write pod init
  3. Then open profile
  4. add pod “pod “AMPopTip”
  5. And, run the pod install command
  6. open .xcworkspace project
    To know more about this pod please click here.

    Step 5:- To call the pop-Tip function we will create a class and add the code

Step 6:- Lastly, Add the code in your view controller class and run the project.

And the output is-


In this blog, we discussed How to Show a Hint View In Swift.

I hope this blog will help you to understand the flow of hint view. For hint view, we can create a custom view in the storyboard and add the hide-show functionality accordignly.

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Thanks for reading!!

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