Return response data from function “onResponse” in Volley Library

Volley East, Fast Networking for Android
Android volley is a networking library, which was introduced to make networking calls easier, faster without writing a lot of codes.

There are many features in Volley:

It integrates easily with any protocol and comes out of the box with support for raw strings, images, and JSON.

So here, We will know how to return data from onResponse() of Volley to our function:

1. Make an interface: 

first of all, make an interface named VolleyCallback and interface method named onSuccessResponse.

2. How to use interface in our volley onResponse() 

Here, I have made a function named getResponse(…, …, …, VolleyCallback callback) with VolleyCallback interface as a parameter, then

In above code, getResponse() have 4 parameters:

1- int method – which define your method type which can be GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.

2- String url – this is your url, where you want to send a request and get a response.

3- JSONObject jsonValue this is your JSON data which will be used when you send the post request. 

4- VolleyCallback callback – This is your interface object.

and in onResponse(String Response) you can pass the Response value to the interface function onSuccessResponse(Response). Like

If your application makes constant use of the network, it’s probably most efficient to set up a single instance of RequestQueue that will last the lifetime of your app. so the code


3. How can you get the return data response in your function:

Here, I have made a function named myWebServiceFun() and call it whenever you want.

In above code,

we have to override the function onSuccessResponse(). And you get a result as a response. Here, I have received a JSON data. And show the message which has sent from API function.








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  • Emmanuel Abia
    Wow…i was doing the same thing but got lost. This helped me….Thanks
    • Aman Gupta
      We are very glad to know our blog is needful for you. You are welcome @emmanuelabia:disqus.
  • João Vitor de Camargo
    Just a question: in your function myWebServiceFun(), what is “GetVolleyResponse”? Is this a class type from Volley library? I can’t find it and I’m using a really updated library version (1.0.19).
    • Aman Gupta
      No, GetVolleyResponse is not the class of Volley Library. This is a my class where I create a function named getResponse.
      And VolleyCallback is an interface. And I have used
      new GetVolleyResponse.VolleyCallback(){

      in myWebServiceFun() for override the interface function onSuccessResponse(…) for getting the result.

      • João Vitor de Camargo
        Hi, Amam. Actually, after that, I found a way to do what I had to do. Anyway, thanks a lot for your post and answer!!
        • Aman Gupta
          Ok João Vitor de Camargo. You are most welcome.
  • Milad
    hi bro
    just can i say thank youuu
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