How to make selector and adding it to your List or ListFragment

Updated 22 December 2016


In this blog,
I have shown the method to change the background Color of the ListFragment on the basis of the current states of the list using custom Selector(Color State List Resource).

First of all, I will give the small introduction about the selector.


What is Selector

Actually, Selector is nothing but the XML element <selector> which is used to describe the state list in an XML file.

When state change, the state list is traversed top to bottom and the first item that matches the current state will be used.


You can make it into the drawable package.

<selector>: This must be the root element. Contains one or more <item> elements.



Defines a color to use for certain states, as described by its attributes. Must be a child of a<selector> element.


How to Apply it on the list or ListFragment

If you want the default selector in ListFragment then assign it as your row layout background.

Or create our selector file

Step 1: Create a selector file


Step 2: Apply it on to the List or ListFragment

Use setSelector(int) for apply selector on the list

If you want to apply this on to the ListView Simply write

OR If you want to apply this on to the ListFragment Simply write



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