How to get function executing time in the flutter

Updated 19 May 2023


In this blog, I will explain How to get function executing time in the flutter.

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Introduction :

Dart offers a method to determine the measured (test) time needed to complete a function in this blog article.

To optimise performance, we may need to know the runtime when profiling Dart programmes.

spent assisting developers in identifying process problems.

Darts for time. In Flutter, calculate the execution time.

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Measure execution time in dart :

A StopWatch class that determines measuring time is offered by Dart. Get function executing time by using the start method, you may start StopWatch. To halt the execution, use the stop() function. It has a variety of elapsed attributes to return the execution time.

elapsed -> Return Duration Object that returns elapsed microsecond

elapsedTicks -> The number of ticks exceeded

elapsedMilliseconds -> Returns elapsed milliseconds

elapsedMicroseconds -> Returns elapsed microseconds

Code :

Output :

Web application tack execution time :

A Web application that delivers more resolution time (nanoseconds, etc.) can utilise Microseconds are returned in double format.

It provides the amount of time that has passed since the genesis. Here is a use illustration

Code :

OutPut :


In this article, we have explained How to get function executing time in the flutter.

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