How To Delete The Row In List In Flutter

Updated 28 April 2023


Hello guys, Today we learn about “How To Delete The Row In List In Flutter“.

In Flutter, we are using ListView to show the listing data in a row. And sometimes we need to implement the delete functionality, for example, I have a four-row in the list but I want to delete any one row in the list on that time I am implementing the delete functionality in Flutter.

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Getting Started:-

Step 1:- First, Create your Flutter Project from Android Studio or Visual studio code.

Step 2:- Now, implemented the simple list view in Flutter

Now, Run your App and see the list

Step 3:- Secondly, Add the delete button where you want, I am taking the delete button on the right side. Now I am adding an elevated button under the list view. you may add any button.

Run the project and see the output

Now, implement it’s functionality

Now, Run the project and see the output


In this blog, we discussed about delete functionality.

I hope this blog will help you to understand the delete functionality

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Thanks for reading!!!!

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