How To Create Watch App Using Flutter

Updated 24 January 2024


In this blog we will learn about how to create Watch app using Flutter. With help of Flutter we can easily build Watch app.

A Watch app typically refers to an application or app designed specifically for smartwatches.

Smartwatches are wearable device with computing capabilities and often serve as an extension of a user’s smartphone , providing quick access to information and various functionalities directly on the wrist. Watch app are tailored to the small screen and unique interaction pattern of smartwatches.

How To Create Watch App Using Flutter

Characteristics of Watch app

1) Notification

Smartwatche’s excel at delivering notifications directly to the user’s wrist. Watch app may leverage notifications to keep users informed about messages, alerts, and update form other application.

2) Health and Fitness Tracking

Wear OS device have built-in sensor for tracking health and fitness metrics. Watch apps in this category often provided workout tracking . Heart-rate monitoring, and other health-related feature.

3) Quick Interactions

Watch apps are designed for quick interaction, often replying on gestures, taps, and swipe. They are optimised for scenario where users may not want to take out there smartphone for a more extended interaction.

4) Voice Commands

Voice command and dictation are common features in Watch apps. Users can interact with the apps by speaking commands or dictating messages.

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Setup for Watch app

To create Watch app, we need to do lot of modifications as well as addition to the Android part of the Flutter app. For the Implementations please follows below steps.

First for all, we need to create a new Flutter project and apply the following changes to it.

Setting up App Gradle for Android

  1. Set the minSdkVersion to 23 in app gradle file.

   2.  After that we need to add following Wear libraries in app gradle file.

   3. After that we need to add following dependency in AndroidManifest.xml file.

WAKE_LOCK permission is helpful to indicate that your application needs to have the device stay on.


We are going to implement Watch app in Flutter.

For implementation please follow below mention steps.

We need to add following dependency in pubspec.yaml file. Add latest version in your Flutter project.

wear: This dependency is use for Wear OS optimized widgets.

After that, we need to create StatefulWidget(WatchApp) and call from main.dart and import below mention package.

After Importing library and packages, we need to add following code inside WatchApp class.



Thanks for joining me on this exploration of How To Create Watch App Using Flutter. I hope this is helpful in creating Watch app using Flutter.

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Thanks for reading this article.

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