How to Check Internet Connection in Flutter


Internet is a global network that connects billions of computers across the world with each other and to the World Wide Web. Many application need to check Internet Connection before going to proceeds into main screen, So we will check internet connectivity status in flutter.

Internet require to exchange information such as watching tutorials, downloading and uploading content etc. There is a package that allows us to discover the network connectivity status, named connectivity_plus package.

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First Create a new flutter project and then add following dependency package in pubspec.yaml file.

Create a new Stateful (ConnectivityPage) Widget, call from main.dart and import the packages.

developer :- This library helps to print the logs in console.

services :- It provides the inbuilt classes for handling PlatformException.

Code to check internet connection

After Importing library and packages add the following code inside ConnectivityPage class.

connectivity :- To check connectivity status and connectivity type.

connectionSubscription :- helps to subscribe the internet connection status update stream that helps to show connectivity status automatically when it is changed.

dispose() :- dispose method cancel the subscription when the the widget is remove from the widget tree permanently.

getConnectivity() :- asynchronous method called from initState to check internet connectivity status. Try and catch block use to handle the Exception, If failed to get connection status.

updateConnectionStatus() :- asynchronous method called when connectivity changed.

Code to listen Connectivity changes

Create the Build method to create the user interface and display connection status.

getConnectionType() :- This Method updates the text and icon whenever updateConnectionStatus() method called.



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You can also check Internet connectivity in swift.


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