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How to change some default style of the android Views

In this blog,
I will show you how to change some default style of android Views by programmatically.


How to change the style of RatingBar using PorterDuff


In java

getDrawable(index): Returns the drawable for the layer at the specified index.

Parameters index
The index of the layer must be in the range 0…getNumberOfLayers()-1.


Consider these two images:


The effect is as if the destination image is trimmed to match the source image, and then held up in front of it:

The Porter/Duff operator that does this is called “Dest Atop”.


How to change the color of title divider blue line in Dialog

In this example, I have created a default  Dialog view and change the blue line title divider in Dialog.



This is simple dialog,

and change the title divider blue line,

and custom_dialog.xml





. . .


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