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How to change App icon runtime in Swift


iOS 10.3 finally gave developers the ability to change their app’s icon programmatically, although it takes a little work to set up. In Apple’s UIApplication API document, there are 3 things worth a glance:

Follow the steps to change the App Icon.

Step 1:

Create @2x & @3x image for App Icon.


Step 2: 

The actual code to change your app’s icon is trivial, but first, there’s some setup work because you must declare all possible icons in your Info.plist file. The process behind this is far from optimal, and right now the best thing to do is edit your Info.plist as XML rather than trying to use the built-in property list editor in Xcode.

Step 3:

Add a Method to change the image Icon.

Step 4:

Now call the changeIcon method from any event.

Hope the above blog will help you to change the App icon in runtime in iOS using swift.

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