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Higher order functions in iOS


Higher order functions in Swift are extremely powerful tools to have in your developer toolkit.

And Higher order functions are functions that operate on other functions by taking function as argument or returning function.

In this tutorial, I’m going to present the most famous and mostly used higher order functions in iOS swift.

So use of this we can achieve the solution in a quick way.

Because of the higher-order function, we can save our time.

-> Map

Returns an array containing the results of mapping the given closure over the sequence’s elements.

-> Sorted

Sorted using the given predicate as the comparison between elements.

-> Filter

Returns an array containing, in order, the elements of the sequence that satisfy the given predicate.

So this filters the array in an easy way. because of the filter function, we can create the optimized code.

-> Remove All

Removes all the elements that satisfy the given predicate.

Use this method to remove every element in a collection that meets particular criteria

And this works very fast and provides a very quick solution.


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But This will help you to use the higher-order function and if you feel any issue or suggestion then leave a comment.

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