Gradient Color With Animation In Swift


Hello guys, Today we learn about Gradient Color With Animation In Swift.

What is gradient color :-

Gradient color is a specific position range that is depending upon multiple colors.

By using gradient color functionality we can add multiple colors in a single UIView(), UIImageView().
In the application, every developer uses the color combination along with view or image to make the app more effective and look good.


Animation is a method in which images or lists are modified to appear as moving objects. by using animation we give the extra effect in or app by moving table list with different- different effects like – animation list from the top, bottom, left, and right e.t.c

Getting Start:-

Step1:- Firstly, create a new Xcode project

File -> New -> Project -> choose ios -> choose App -> next and add your project name and create.

Step2:- Then, create the design in the storyboard –

storyboard design

step 3:- Now, create one UIVIew() class for gradient view for example I create MyGradientClass.swift class file and add the code for gradient view and animation.

Step 4:- Then, add your UIView() class name in created view in the storyboard.

UIView design for gradient view

Step 5:- Now, create the outlets

Step 6:- Lastly, add the code

step 6:- Finally, run the code and see the output


In this blog, we discussed Gradient color with animation

I hope this blog will help you to get about gradient color with animation

Thanks for reading!!

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