Google Search Result in Android App

Updated 31 May 2023


To show Google Search Result in Android App using Rest API, you can use the Google Rest API to fetch search results and display them in your app.

Rest Api For Google Custom Search

We are going to use the below Google rest API for a custom search.

YOUR_API_KEY- Go to the Google Cloud Console (, create a new project, enable the Google Search API, and generate an API key.
If you already have a Google API key, then you can use the same.
<SEARCH_TERM>– You have to pass your search keyboard at the place of <SEARCH_TERM>.

SEARCH_ENGINE_ID – replace with the unique identifier for your custom search engine.

Below are the steps you can follow:

Create a data class to represent the search results:
For example :

Create one more data class that use as the main response class.

Parse the JSON response and map it to your data class received in the onResponse method. Extract the search results from the JSON and update your app’s UI accordingly.

You can use a RecyclerView to display the search results as a list.

To display the result we use RecyclerView and bottom sheet.

Google Search Result in Android App Using Rest API

In the below image, you can check the JSON response of Google rest Api for the keyword “Test”.

Google Search Result in Android App Using Rest API


In this blog, we have checked how we can show Google search results in our Android app.
Hope, it will help you.

Thanks for your time.

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