Google Login in React Native

Updated 29 October 2021


We are going to show you how to integrate the google sign-in in our React Native application.

Google+ sign-in allow users to sign-in by your React Native app with their existing Google account and get their profile information like nameemailprofile pic, and other details.

The main advantage of integrating G+ login is, you can encourage more users to your app by providing fast & easiest way of a registration process.

The react-native-google-signin provides a wrapper around the official Google login library, providing access to the users accessToken and idToken which are required to create a Firebase credential.


Step 1: Configure the library.

Step 2: Login with Google

Step 3: Parse response of GoogleSignin.signIn() and get current Google user profile information like nameemailprofile pic, and other details.

Step 4: Call your domain Social Login API callSocialLoginAPI and validate Google User.

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