What is get_storage?

get_storage is a persistent key/value storage for Android, iOS, Web, Linux, Mac, Fuchsia, and Windows, that combines fast memory access with persistent storage.

Why it is required?

There may come a time when you want to persist data in your Flutter app so you can reuse it later. A common use case for this functionality is storing login credentials to be recalled the next time the user launches the app.

With get_storage, you can configure your Flutter app to remember the data even after the user terminates their activity. This can be used to store critical data such as passwords, tokens, and complex relational data.

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In this blog, we’ll demonstrate how to persist and modify data using get_storage in a Flutter app.



Datatypes– String, int, double, Map, and List


Let’s start the implementation

Add the dependencies in pubspec.yaml file:

1- Add the dependencies in pubspec.yaml file:

2- Initialization

To Initialize storage, you must call GetStorage.init() method before loading the app / before calling runApp.

3- Basic Usage

Create an instance of GetStorage

How to store/write data in get storage

How to read data?

As a result, it will print the value of the count

How to delete a value or clear the complete box

4- Advanced Usage

Now, we will learn the advanced usage of get storage.

Named Box

Sometimes, in the application, we are required to save data that is not interrelated
For example:- Data related to the user only or Data related to the application.

For solving the above-mentioned issue we can create 2 named boxes that deal with the data accordingly.

Now, we can use the named boxes

Keys / Box Listeners

For more details, please check Get Storage

Hopefully, this blog will be helpful to you. If you have any queries, please write them in the comment section.

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