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Get Current Version of the Application from the playstore


In this Blog, we will learn how to Get Current Version of the Application From Play Store.

Google does not provide any direct APIs for getting the current version from the play store and if there are then the process is too clumsy just to get version details.

So, when we try the most answered and most frequently used solution is ( something explained beautifully in the article shared below).


How to get your app’s version name from google play store

But recently, the solution explained in this article, stopped working.

So, this blog is in continuation of the article shared above.

In the VersionChecker Class, you need to make some small changes in the “doInBackground()” method.

The New Version Checker class will be :


Hope This Helps You.

Stay tuned, Stay Super.

Keep Coding and Keep Sharing 🙂

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  • Tanmay
    i implemented this way in my app but i am getting delay in app startup for 2-5 sec with blank screen please help
    • anchit
      This code has nothing to do with the black screen.

      For the black screen issue fixation, you need to optimize the code.

  • karthimeyan m
    public class VersionChecker extends AsyncTask {

    private String newVersion;

    protected String doInBackground(String… params) {

    try {
    Document document = Jsoup.connect(“” + BuildConfig.APPLICATION_ID + “&hl=en”)
    .userAgent(“Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; WindowsNT 5.1; en-US; rv1.8.1.6) Gecko/20070725 Firefox/”)
    if (document != null) {
    Elements element = document.getElementsContainingOwnText(“Current Version”);
    for (Element ele : element) {
    if (ele.siblingElements() != null) {
    Elements sibElemets = ele.siblingElements();
    for (Element sibElemet : sibElemets) {
    newVersion = sibElemet.text();
    } catch (IOException e) {
    return newVersion;

    I have try to this code but have getting null value only for play store version name

  • karthimeyan m
    I have try to this code but have getting null value only for play store version name
    • anchit
      Is your application actually live on play store ?

      Please share the value of the BuildConfig.APPLICATION_ID

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