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You probably already have noticed the UI flow similarity between Tiktok and Instagram Reels. Both of these apps adapt a full page scroll based on user swipe-like flick gestures in UX. So, lets’ check how can we implement full page scrolling in flutter.

This way of design gives the user a fully immersive app experience without any distractions. Let us see an example of the same full-page vertical scroll-based app experience in Flutter.

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We will first declare a PageController that will control the state of the PageView widget. We also specify the index of the initially loaded page.

Define a list of pages to scroll through. Add Container widget and specify height and width.

Declare a PageView widget with a vertical scroll direction. We can also define physics, reverse, and clipBehaviour properties.

Now our app is ready. Check out the output:

So, this is how we implement full page scrolling in flutter. You can add videos, images, or text according to your need in the Container widget.

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If I got something wrong 🙈, let me know in the comments. I would love to improve.

Reference Link: https://dev.to/segun_codes/full-page-scroll-views-in-flutter-tiktok-effect-1pc4

You can also read: https://mobikul.com/reorderable-listview-in-flutter/

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