Folding cell in swift

Updated 31 August 2020


A ‘Folding Cell’ is a customized cell subclass for ‘UITableviewCell’. It provides a folding/unfolding animation of a cell to display/hide its content.

Expanding content cell with animation inspired by folding paper card material design.

To begin, create a new Xcode project and follows the following steps: 

Step1: – Installation, To integrate FoldingCell into your Xcode project using CocoaPods, specify it in your Podfile:

Step2:- StoryBoard works

  1. Create a new cell inheriting from ‘FoldingCell'
  2. Add a UIView to your cell in your storyboard or nib file, inheriting from RotatedView. Connect the outlet from this view to the cell property foregroundView.
  3. Add other UIViews to your cell, connect the outlet from this view to the cell property containerView. Add constraints from this view to the superview like in the picture:
. . .

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