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Flutter: Use of Dart extension Methods.


Extension Methods:

In this blog, we will check the use of  Dart Extension methods in the flutter. Extension methods, introduced in Dart 2.7.

Sometimes we need additional functionalities which do not provide in existing libraries. We can add our own functionality by using the extension in the existing class of  libraries’ APIs

Extension methods used to add additional functionality to existing libraries’ APIs. We can define extension with methods, getters, setters, and operators.

Extention Syntax:

Extention On String Class:

Let’s check some String Class extension examples.

Extention On List Class:

Let’s check some List Class extension examples.

Using Extention methods:

You need to just import your extensions methods class and call Extention getter using dot(.) on variable


I hope this blog will help to add some utility functionality to existing APIs.

Happy Learning 🙂

Reference Links:


. . .


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