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Updated 30 August 2023


Hello folks, Welcome to our blog on Flutter’s Row Widget. Here we will learn about the Flutter Row widget and explore it’s uses for creating the dynamic and responsive interface.

 Image of Container Aligned in a Row

What is Flutter Row Widget?

The Flutter Row widget is used to create flexible and responsive user interface where elements are positioned side by side. In short, it is a layout element that arranges its child widget horizontally in a row.

Flutter Row Widget is ideal choice for creating elements like navigation bars, toolbars and forms where components need to be aligned horizontally.

Key Features:-

Following are some key features of the Flutter Row Widget :-

Horizontal Arrangement:-

Horizontal Arrangement is a primary purpose of the Row Widget as it align the children’s of Row widget horizontally from left to write.


The Row Widget is extremely flexible as you can control the distribution of the Layout child widgets within the Row. We use ‘mainAxisAlignment’ and ‘crossAxisAlignment’ properties to manage the distribution of the child widgets.




While the Row Widget is excellent for arranging child widgets horizontally, it has some limitation when it comes to handling the horizontal space. It often shows the overflow warning when the combined width of children’s exceed the device length.

We Can easily overcome this issue by another flutter layout widget called Flutter Wrap Widget.


We can use the Row widget by simply calling the Row widget and defining the child inside the Row widget.

Complete Code:-



Here with this blog, we have explored the Row widget and learned how to implement it on our program.

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Reference:- Official Row Widget Documentation.

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