Flutter Bloc 8.0 Design Pattern

Updated 25 April 2023


Flutter Bloc 8.0 Design Pattern is the new version of the bloc pattern.
This version has some improvements from the previous versions.

Over version 7 flutter bloc pattern became very robust.

Flutter bloc 8.0 design pattern provides a better way to manage the states using events.

This design pattern helps to separate presentation from business logic. Following the BLoC pattern facilitates testability and reusability. This package abstracts reactive aspects of the pattern allowing developers to focus on writing the business logic.

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Fluter bloc 8.0 introduces the event handler to manage the states.

Here we are using the counter update project using the bloc 8.0 pattern.

1-> Install the flutter bloc library.

2-> Now create the event class. for performing the increment operation.

3-> Now create the state class for the counter. and on the increment event, we will emit the CounterValueState.

4-> Now create the bloc class and add the counter-event with the mapEventToState function.

Then emit the state according to the event.

5-> Now use the bloc builder widget for state updates according to the event.

Full code

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