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Fix Keyboard Related issue in iOS 11 using objective C


Fix Keyboard Related issue in iOS 11

In iOS 11 there is some predefined function is not working like get the Keyboard Height “UIKeyboardFrameBeginUserInfoKey”  sometimes it returns 0 or sometimes works so it is not compatible with iOS 11 . so for solving this, we have used the compatible function which will work in iOS 11 as well as less iOS version devices.

for this follow this steps:

1: In viewdidload

write this method:

2: Now define this function:

3: Now write the two methods when the keyboard will show or hide.

4: Now keyboard Height will always return the correct value and now you can use according to their need.

. . .

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  • kevin van
    Hi, I use the exact same methods as you did. However, I find that when I test my app in iPad4,I touch the textfield and hide my keyboard and touch the same textfield again, “keyboardSize.height” is wrong.
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    Michael Urresta

    Michael Urresta

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