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Firebase(TestLab) is the latest online testing tool by Google For Android apps.Which initiate testing android app across a wide variety of devices.Google having their dedicated virtual and physical devices in which our application is tested.There are types of testing in Firebase(Testlab).

Types of Testing

  1. Robo Test
  2. Instrumentation Test


  1. Robo Test:- Robo testing is usually can be done by the developer itself as in this testing you have to upload apk of your application.This test is done on random flow as it will randomly follow any scenario and report the issue if any problem is there in that particular scenario.                                   following are the things you have to set:-
  1.  Instrumentation Test:- Instrumentation test is done with application apk and test script apk and it will test the app according to the scenario of a script so if we want our app to be tested in predefined flow then we should use instrumentation testing.In instrumentation Test only “Test timeout” feature present.

     How to analyze the output

    1. Test Issues (Robo Test)
    2. Test cases (Instrumentation Test)
    3. Logs(Robo &Instrumentaion Test)
    4. Screenshots (Robo Test)
    5. Activity Map (Robo Test)
    6. Videos(Robo &Instrumentaion Test)
    7. Performance(Robo &Instrumentaion Test)


  1. That’s all for this blog and in next blog, I will discuss Espresso with Firebase(testlab) and more benefits of Firebase(Testlab).




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