File Downloading In Flutter


In this blog, we are going to learn about File Downloading In Flutter. Downloading a file can serve different purposes for application development. You can make offline applications by saving your files into local storage, as well as enhancing the user experience, etc.

Let’s start the implementation of the File Downloading In Flutter project and get to know how we improvise the user experience of the Flutter application.

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1 . Add the Flutter Downloader Package Into Pubsec.Yaml Folder

I have added the “flutter_downloader” latest version, you can add any of the versions according to your compatibility from the Flutter Dev.

I have also added the “permission_handler” package for managing the permissions and “path_provider” for getting the root directory path of the application.

2. Add Path Provider In Manifest

To open the file after downloading it, we need to add some additional changes in the Android Manifest file:

3. Create A Downloading Task

4. Load The Dowloading Task

5. Open The file After downloading

Important NOTES:

-> Add the following permissions to your Android manifest file 

-> Steps added here are for Android, but you can check out the steps for iOS as well on the site



Hope this blog helps you to understand the basic uses of File Downloading In Flutter as well as the use of the Flutter_downloader package.

Thank you for reading!!

For more information, you can visit the Dev Console.

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