Expandable ListView in Flutter


In this blog, We are going to learn how we can create an expandable listview in our flutter applications. Expandable ListView is a type of list view that is used to show multiple types of data based on category and subcategory. Expandable list view is used to expand or collapse the view in list items In a flutter app. We can easily make our own Expandable ListView using the ExpansionTile widget.

Expansions Tile Widget :

ExpansionTiles is used to produce two-level or multi-level lists in the app. ExpansionTiles widget is a detailed tile. It is like a ListTile widget which will expand by tapping the tile. We can display some detailed information on the list with ExpansionTiles.

Properties of the Expansions Tile :

Code For Expandable listview:

Here’s the complete code ->

main.dart file

datamodel.dart file ->



In this blog, we have discussed how we can create an expandable listview on our app screen. I hope it will help you out in understanding and get a brief idea about it.

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  • Safaa
    Thanks for this tutorial. However, it needs
    import ‘package:expanded_listview_demo/subCategory.dart’;

    which is not available in the tutorial. Could You please provide it.

    • Mohit Kumar (Moderator)
      Hi Safaa,This is a simple widget to show the details of a subcategory.
      import ‘package:flutter/material.dart’;
      class SubCategory extends StatelessWidget {
        String? name;
        SubCategory(this.name,{Key? key}) : super(key: key);
        Widget build(BuildContext context) {
          return Scaffold(
            appBar: AppBar(title: Text(name ??”),),
            body: Center(child: Text(
              “This is $name category screen”
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