Easy Audio Trimmer In Flutter

Updated 12 January 2024


In this blog, we will learn how to Implement Easy Audio Trimmer In Flutter and Trim audio files using easy_audio_trimmer and save the trimmed audio files to the device.

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An audio trimmer is essentially an audio editor designed to cut, trim, or split audio files.

It allows you to remove unwanted parts from your audio clips and save the resulting part of the audio in various audio file formats such as MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG, and WMA.

Why is it needed:-

Audio trimmers serve a fundamental purpose: enabling users to cut and refine audio clips according to their preferences.

this functionality finds applications in various scenarios, including creating customised ringtones, editing, or simply extracting relevant portions from lengthy recordings.


First we need to create a new flutter project and add the following dependencies in the pubspec.yaml file.

Now, run the command “flutter pub get” to add the dependencies.

Add the following package to your class.

First, we will create a button to pick the audio file.

Loading selected audio file:-

Saving trimmed audio:-

Audio playback status:-

Create an audio trimmer view:-

Complete code:-


As you can see in the output, we are picking an audio file, trimming, playing and saving it.


We have completed the implementation of how to create an audio trimmer in Flutter.

That’s it! You’ve successfully implemented easy audio trimmer in your Flutter app.

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Hope this blog helped you to better understand the implementation of Easy Audio Trimmer In Flutter.

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