Dynamically add new View through data binding


This is not best practice to add a view dynamic time through data binding, but if we want to add a view more time in more places then we can use to add view through Data Binding.


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  • Chirag
    What should we do if we need to add multiple textviews?
  • jrh
    Please share the sample project
    • ashwini gupta (Moderator)
      sorry, I can’t share source code because I have deleted the Sample code. what issues are you facing to create dynamically creating a view? Please explain.
      • mochadwi
        app:addDynomicView, is this your custom databinding adapter? would you mind giving us the example of databinding adapter class of yours?
        • ashwini gupta (Moderator)
          Yes, It is a custom data-binding adapter, that holds two-parameter one LinearLayout and second TextView. we don’t share source code due to company policy.
          What you facing the issue, please explain or share your code so that I can verify your point.
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    All communication is done through a ticket system. I appreciate the regular almost daily updates of what is being worked on, and communicating changes or updates is easy through this system. Mobikul's response timeframe is quick.

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