Dropdown in Flutter


DropDown in Flutter is used to display a moving drop-down list.

We can change the dropdown button item style according to ourselves.

Firstly, When the user will click on it, a list of items will be shown to the user.

Most importantly, we use Stateful widget here in orďer to maintain the state as per user’s choice.

The drop-down button will change the state based on the user’s choice.

It is basically used in the cases where we want to display a wholesome set of items but we have a limited amount of space in our UI.

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Dropdown in Flutter Properties : 

          They have a value attribute, child attribute,etc.

          If we want to display some other text we will use selectedItemBuilder.

Similarly, some other properties can be disabledHint,icon,iconDisabledColor,iconEnabledColor,isExpanded,etc.

Integrating Dropdown in Flutter :


Output :

After clicking on this dropdown button, below is the dropdown list that we get :-


Finally, In this blog, we have discussed Dropdown in Flutter.

I hope it will help you out in understanding and getting a brief idea about it.

Thank you for reading!!




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