Drawer widget in the flutter

Updated 27 April 2023


The drawer widget in flutter is used to make your application more simplified.

It provides you with an additional feature to directly navigate to the page in the application.

Usually, all children of the drawer are in ListView and perform an action after tapping on the child.

The drawer menu button is present in app bar on the application. You can directly navigate to your destination page directly from the drawer of the application.

It’s an invisible screen that opens from the side when tapping on the drawer button.

It’s a material library widget. That we used to create drawer in the application

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Now let me show you some code snippets that can make it easier to implement the drawer widget.

main.dart for Drawer widget in flutter

Below code, the snippet is of main file its the starting of the app and just call the main drawer page.


In this code snippet, we implement the code for the Drawer and check comments that explain what’s going in the code.

Images of Drawer widget in the flutter

I hope this blog will help you to learn about the Drawer widget and you will be able to implement it.

Happy Learning ✍️

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  • Pooja
    Thank you Deepak! for this beautiful and simple explaination.
    • Deepak Kumar (Moderator)
      Thanks for reading our blog. You can check out other flutter blogs here: https://mobikul.com/blog/
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