Display image on ImageView from phone storage

Updated 1 March 2016


Android provide many views for different use in the android app. ImageView is one of the views provided by Android to display image.
We can add image on an ImageView from different sources.e.g.,

– adding an image from the drawable folder, you can find this folder in android project directory in android studio or eclipse.
– adding an image from phone storage.
– take a picture using the camera and set it on an ImageView.
So, let us create a simple project to display an image on ImageView:
1. Create a new project->Project Name(MyApplication)
2. Add an activity “MainActivity.java” and a XML file “activity_main.xml”.


3. Create a method (setImage()) in MainActivity.java:


4. Here we are calling another activity using “startActivityForResult()” method. It returns the result on its completion. So, here is another method(onActivityResult()) associated with this. In this method, we will set the image in ImageView.


5. After doing this code we need to add permissions in AndroidManifest.xml:


Complete code is here:




. . .

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