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Updated 5 January 2024


You can wrap a widget as a child of Dismissible in Flutter if you need to construct a dismissible widget. Rejectable Typically, a widget in Flutter is used to wrap each list item, either vertically or horizontally, allowing it to be dismissed. I’ll walk you through a few instances of using the widget, such as displaying the confirmation dialog, customizing the backdrop that appears when the child is dismissed, and defining the dismiss direction.

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widget that can be dismissed by dragging in the indicated direction. Dragging or flinging this widget in the DismissDirection causes the child to slide out of view.

Let’s focus on the Dismissible Widget In Flutter


Here’s the list of properties  Dismissible you can pass to the constructor.

Both the child (Widget) and the key (Key) must be supplied. The key becomes essential since the widget may be removed from the widget list. If there are multiple dismissible widgets, make sure each one has a unique key. Since dismissing one widget may change the index of other widgets, avoid using the index as a key. child is the second required property, and passing a dismissible widget is required.

The onDismissed property is another crucial one. It’s a callback function that takes one DismissDirection parameter.

We’re going to use this data

Dismissible Widget Code

Here’s the code for building the ListView

The Dismissible is the output of the itemBuilder, which constructs the list items. Apart from the mandatory parameters (key and child), the onDismissed callback is additionally given. You can see how to specify various actions for each direction by looking at the example below.

Final Code

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