Deep Linking in flutter via flutter_share

Updated 27 April 2023


In this article, we will discuss about deep linking in flutter via flutter_share plugin which provides you a web link that point you to a specific screen of an application which is already installed in your phone. These web browser links can help you navigate to any specific with required data like any news feed, post or promo codes etc.

For an example if somebody want to share a facebook post then a url is shared with the other user and if that user clicks on it, it navigates to that specific facebook post. You may also send any data using query parameters with this url.

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Let’s start implementation of deep linking in flutter via flutter_share plugin in a few simple steps.

1. Project Setup:

Create a new flutter project and add latest version of flutter_share plugin under dependencies in pubspec.yaml file of your project as following example and run flutter pub get run command to install this package in your project.

2. Import Package:

Add following line in your class to import the package.

3. Flatform Specific Code:

  1. Android:
    Use following code in in your manifest file in android folder.

Add following code into your MainActivity class in Android folder.

2. iOS:
Add if not exists one row to the ios/podfile after target runner in iOS folder

Add following code in your App deligate class into iOS folder.

4. Implementation:

You can use following code to perform share functionality.


In this article, we have learned about deep linking in flutter with flutter_share plugin.
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Happy Coding 🙂

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