Date Picker In Flutter

Updated 12 April 2023


DatePicker is a material widget in a flutter that lets the user select a date. Since there is no widget available for creating a date picker we will use showDatePicker() function.

It will display a Material Design date picker in a dialog by calling flutter’s inbuilt function. We will use it in instances like booking a movie ticket, train ticket, etc.

A date picker is a helpful addition to your UI that makes it easy for your app users to select dates from a calendar. Whether you’re adding a date of birth field to a registration form or offering time slots for users to book an appointment, you can use a date picker library to simplify the process.

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Date Picker in Flutter

The Flutter Datetime Picker is easy to customize, supporting date and time selection in multiple languages. Flutter Datetime Picker is simple to install and provides a sleek, user-friendly interface.

Lets Start implementation

Add package

Code to pick date

Complete Code for Date Picker In Flutter

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