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Dagger 2 Android implementation


In this blog, we will implement the dagger 2 dependency injection and before we start we will take a look at annotation type which we are going to use in this blog.

Main dagger annotation Types :

Add dependency in your buid.gradle:


AppModule class will be used to provide this reference. We will define a method annotated with @Provides @Singleton that informs Dagger that this method is the constructor for the String return type ( it is the method in charge of providing the instance of the String).


In AppComponent class where we define the class where we will inject the modules it’s basically the bridge between  Module and the class which injecting the module.

Build your project,  In your MainActivity class to inject the dependency add @Inject annotation on the String object.

I hope it will help you to give the basic idea of how it will make your project component reusable and inject dependency of the object whenever it required by class.



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