CustomScrollView in Flutter

Updated 27 April 2023


Here we are going to learn how to integrate CustomScrollView in Flutter.

Custom Scroll View is basically a scroll view that creates custom scroll effects using slivers. It provides you CustomScrollEffects with Silvers such as SilverGrid and SilverList.

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SilverAppBar can be integrated with Custom Scroll View. It is mostly used as the first child of CustomScrollView. Which allows the app bar to integrate with a scrolling effect so that it can vary its height up to a certain expandable limit.

All the scrollable views in Flutter use, such as ListView . Because Slivers are lazily build their views when the widgets come into the viewport, it is really useful to show a great number of children without worrying about memory issues.

Now lets start implementation of CustomScrollView in Flutter

First of all, create a basic project and return a Custom Scroll View widget.

Then, add a silver app bar and then add a silver grid. Here we only used two child widgets in the custom scroll view.

The Entry point of code.

Now Implement CustomScroll View with SilverAppBar widget

Complete Code

Thanks for reading this article ❤

I hope this blog will help you to learn about the Custom Scroll View and you will be able to implement it.

If I got something wrong 🙈, let me know in the comments. I would love to improve.

Happy Learning ✍️

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