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Custom Tabs – Fast URL loading


We are going to learn Custom tabs which are using to load URL in the Android apps, Currently, we are using the Webview to load URLs in the app. The custom tab is faster than Webview to load Web pages with beautiful Toolbar and Animation. It is also called Chrome custom tabs.

Benefits of Custom Tabs

How to use it in the app?

To use this library first you need to add the Custom tab library in your build Gradle

Click on the Sync button on the top right corner. After completion of the sync process launch your first URL by Custom tab with few lines of code.

Call this method when you need to launch the Custom tab and load the URL. Replace your URL link place of It will load your URL with Chrome browser in your app if available if in any case chrome is not exists on your device then it will open with the device default browser.

Please look when this method called and load the URL

custom tabs


It automatically provides an overflow menu and a beautiful action bar you can optimize its UI, look below how can we set action bar color by CustomTabsIntent.

For animation, you can set start to enter and exit animation like below.

For this animation, the below animation file should exist in your anim folder.

To boost performance, you need to create a service.

The CustomTabsClient#bindCustomTabsService the method takes away the complexity of connecting to the Custom Tabs service.

Create a class that extends CustomTabsServiceConnection and use onCustomTabsServiceConnected to get an instance of the CustomTabsClient. This instance will be needed for the next steps.

boolean warmup(long flags)

Warms up the browser process and loads the native libraries. The warmup is asynchronous, the return value indicates whether the request has been accepted. Multiple successful calls will also return true.

Returns true for success.

You can check more feature on this link –

Reference –
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Thank you for Reading! Happy coding!

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