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Updated 30 June 2021


UIPageControl is a control that displays a horizontal series of dots, each of which corresponds to a page in the app’s document or other data-model entity. The default UIPageControl only shows page indicators as white circles with different opacities. We need to add a custom protocol to connect an UIPage Control with an UIPageViewController. It is a little tricky and I will share the step-by-step instructions here!

We need to declare the required properties to configure and function the Page-Control.

  1. the number of dots: A Private property of type [UIView], to hold all the rounded views(I call them Dots) which represent the number of pages it contains.
  2. the number of pages: The value of the property is the number of pages for the page control to show as dots.
  3. pageIndicatorTintColor: To hold the color value for the dots.
  4. currentPageIndicatorTintColor : To hold the colour value for the selected dots.
  5. current Page: The current page that is highlighted in the UIPageControl. This returns the index of the page.

Implementation of UIPageControl in swift:

Let’s start our tutorial on creating custom page control or UIPageControl in swift language. Create a new project with a single view application template, name it UIPageViewController-swift. Next, open Main.storyboard and drop UIpagecontrol onto the view.

In the following section, we’ll be creating a Simple iOS Application in which the Label text and the background of the UIPageControl change when you change the page.

Every time the UIPage Control is clicked and the Value Changed event is triggered, the UIPage Control backgroundColor is changed.

When a user taps on the left of the UIPageControl, the user is taken to the previous page. When the user taps on the right of the UIPageControl, the user is taken to the next page.

We can set images or any other custom animations to make it more better for UI purpose.

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