Custom Spinner using AppCompatSpinner in android

Updated 28 April 2023


In this blog, we are going to learn about Custom Spinner using AppCompatSpinner in android.

Spinne widget display the list of items to the user for selection. When we click on the spinner then the dropdown list will be displayed. We can select an item for that spinner.

In this blog we are displaying a list of data with AppCompatSpinner. After click on the AppCompatSpinner widget then the list will be displayed for selection and we can choose any item form the list.

AppCompatSpinner is androidx component. It will display the list of items. After clicking on the AppCompatSpinner we are going to display the custom item list. After selecting the the item we will replace the value of the text view with selected item.

For creating the custom spinner with custom items and adapter this blog will help you for the same.

We are going to display the list of dial code with country flag using the custom spinner on this blog.

Please follow the below implementation steps for Custom Spinner using AppCompatSpinner in android with the custom adapter.


Initial setup:

Add below dependency in your app-level build.gradle file.

Implementation steps:

Create the spinner inside your xml file like below:

Setup the adapter and data for the spinner like below:

Adapter code will look like:

Adapter custom item layout is:

Model classes are:



In this blog, you have learned about the implementation of the Custom Spinner using AppCompatSpinner in android.

For more information regarding the AppCompatSpinner you can also check the link.

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