Custom Drawer For Flutter TV App

Updated 11 January 2024


In Flutter, We can make the Custom Drawer for tv same in the same way as for mobile apps, with the help of  Scaffold and Drawer Widget.In apps, there are two options for navigation : Tabs and Drawer.
We can use the Drawer widget in combination with a Scaffold to create a layout with a Material Design drawer.

Custom Drawer For Flutter TV App

We can create a simple drawer by using a scaffold and passing list item to it as shown in below code.

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For custom drawer we have to write some extra piece of code. Let’s check the below sample to customise Drawer for Smart TV App.

Sample App

In this app we are going to create a drawer which will show some different User Interface compare to normal drawer.

Add the below dependency.




Below file is use as model to create icons and label for for drawer items.


List of drawer items



Finally, We can run the project and check the output.


We checked, how we can create a custom drawer for tv app.
Please follow the link to check more about drawer.

Thanks for reading this Article. Feel free to share your ideas or any feedback.

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